The ABL Network

ABL is an ‘Ecosystem Empowering Humans to Achieve Their Full Professional Potential’.

The ABL Network solves existing hiring workflow problems with an open-source, decentralized blockchain-enabled platform that empowers and rewards career expanding behaviour.

ABL works through a decentralized system of bounties and attestation-based rewards for professionals and organizations. At its core are a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum public network, providing anyone the opportunity to participate without the approval of, or reliance on, a centralized authority.

To facilitate a thriving network ecosystem, a supporting set of infrastructure and services will be provided by ABL. While not required to interact with the ABL blockchain based smart contracts, these services will provide the ecosystem with a fully functioning platform.

The ABL Network

ABL for Enterprise

On the ABL network, an enterprise employer will be able to manage their entire talent portfolio with custom assessment tools that help to build a better understanding of their workplace environment. Rather than paying a recruiter who must interpret their talent needs, enterprises can leverage their own performance indicators such as work cultural fit, adaptability and growth, leveraged through psychometric and longitudinal data.

Enterprise will have the ability to create their own funnel of high potential candidates and significantly reduce the time to hire and the associated cost.


Recruitment Process


ABL for Professionals

Professionals that join the ABL Network will be assigned an ABL DNA profile which represents skills, human characteristics, and future potential. Unlike resumes and other professional networks, every ABL DNA profile will be secure and tokenized so that it can be augmented through network transactions and sophisticated third-party tools.

As a user’s profile becomes n’ABL’d through the addition of information such as job history, personality evaluations, and skill tests, the user’s profile will increase in token value, enhancing overall network value through a bounty system and ultimately allowing the user to be more easily matched to suitable positions.

Technical Features

The ABL ecosystem in development consists of both on and off-chain solutions utilizing web and JavaScript Clients and Smart Contracts.


Web and Javascript Clients


Web and Javascript Clients

Assessment SDK

The Assessment SDK will be a high-level interface for signing and submitting assessments to the ABL Platform. Identity, reputation, psychometric evaluations and more will rely on the Assessment SDK. Building and deploying assessments is the primary way for others to build on top of the ABL platform. A JavaScript based SDK will offer third-party assessments the ability to record their conclusions on chain through a high-level interface.

Javascript Logo

Profile Portal

The Profile Portal will be a browser-based portal that will provide all network participants point-and-click access to ABL network features. User workflows surrounding creating profiles, creating or approving attestations, issuing bounties, claiming rewards, and searching for matches will have corresponding sections in the ABL portal.

The ABL Platform

The ABL Platform represents off chain services that will support a fully integrated recruitment solution while allowing the ABL ecosystem to effectively scale.

ABL Logo

Attestation Services

ABL will allow network participants to record third-party claims, statements, and attestations about themselves and their accomplishments. Attestations will be signed off-chain and sent to ABL’s attestation service. Before registering attestations on the blockchain, network participants will be able to accept or reject each. In this way, spam and griefing attacks will be reduced as only vetted information is recorded on-chain.

There is no requirement for ABL to be the sole source of attestations, and over time other providers may join the network to offer similar services.

Private Introduction Service

Personal information, such as the contact information exchanged in private introductions, will not be stored on chain to ensure that the ecosystem scales effectively. Professionals and prospective employers may publicly share their contact information for all to see in their profile, or they may optionally make use of ABL’s private introduction service.

ABL’s private introduction service will use one-time URIs (Universal Resource Identifiers) and ephemeral storage to share private information between users. Once the introduction is complete, the one-time URI and information stored in ephemeral storage will be immediately destroyed.

Off-Chain Storage

While the blockchain is a great place to store auditable, verifiable, immutable facts, it is not appropriate as a general purpose data store. To support richer profiles, an off-chain data store will be supported by ABL. Attestations may reference information contained in the off-chain data store, separate third-party locations, or peer to peer data stores may be used.

Smart Contracts

Ethereum smart contracts will serve as ABL’s decentralized back-end.

Ethereum Logo


Crucial ABL DNA will be immutably recorded on the blockchain, along with associated bounty commitments.


Bounties will be conditional incentives that coordinate needs within the ABL ecosystem. Bounties will be posted with a completion trigger, a deposited amount of ABL tokens and an off-chain pointer to further details about the bounty.

ABL will handle dispute resolution while the platform is under development, and a decentralized solution is planned for future deployments.

Bounty posters may be required to include additional information, such as the appropriate ABL DNA indicators to effectively trigger bounties. This will be the primary means for disbursing the bounty to the influential claim makers.


ABL will use a pull strategy for disbursements so ABL DNA can evolve (and capture career evolution), resetting every time bounties are completed. Pull strategy disbursements will require recipients to pull their share of ABL tokens from the smart contract. Once bounty triggering is complete, claim-makers will be able to withdraw their share of the total bounty and then their claim is removed from the claim recipient’s ABL DNA.


  • What will the ABL ecosystem do?

    The ABL ecosystem will reduce recruitment friction through decentralized collaboration, trustless rewards and sophisticated talent matching services.

  • How do you know the ABL ecosystem will do all that?

    Currently, the most effective means for coordinating the needs of workers and employers requires expensive and time consuming intuition-based methods. We have researched the economic and behavioural science behind these methods and have designed a blockchain-backed ecosystem that replaces intuition with decentralized collaboration, AI and machine learning matchmaking and token-backed rewards. 

  • Why blockchain?
    • Blockchain technology powers trustless rewards and decentralized collaboration, and is the core enabling feature of the ABL ecosystem.
      • Trustless here simply means that the rewards may be securely transacted without a central authority.
      • Decentralized simply means that the blockchain powered ABL ecosystem will foster a peer-to-peer economy of mutually beneficial interactions and content creation rather than the free-to-publish, advertisement-subsidized economy common in social media platforms.
    • ABL tokens and blockchain smart contracts facilitate rewards, bounties and sustained, healthy growth of the ecosystem.
  • Why do you use ABL tokens instead of ETH?
    • The ABL token is required to coordinate the many complex behaviours and reward conditions that need to be supported in the ABL ecosystem.
    • ABL token levers are required to maintain healthy growth and utility within the ecosystem.
  • Aren’t cryptocurrencies risky?
    • While many cryptocurrencies are risky because of their highly speculative nature, the ABL token is not a purely speculative cryptocurrency.
    • The ABL token coordinates behaviour within the ecosystem and users value it because of the utility it provides within the ecosystem. Since it functions primarily as a utility token, users are motivated to hold on to their tokens and risk is reduced. 
    • We will manage ABL token velocity to ensure a healthy balance of internal and external transactions.
  • How does the ABL token work (or what does it do)?
    • Initially, the ABL token will be a means to raise capital to build the ABL ecosystem and populate it with functional user-base.
    • Within the functional ecosystem, the ABL token will provide access to recruitment and career development tools; coordinate rewards and bounties; and empower users to participate in the governance and evolution of the ecosystem.
  • How does the ABL token economy work?
    • The ABL token economy is designed to ensure sustained growth and maximum network value, and to achieve these objectives we’re designing a dynamic approach:
      • Growth will be encouraged with external transactions and other liquidity mechanisms.
      • Liquidity will also be provided  through internal utility token transactions.
    • At any given time, the balance balance between internal and external transactions will be managed by our ABL token levers.
    • Internal transactions include reward-based incentives, job posting bounties, use of professional development tools and other smart contract enabled transactions.
    • The ABL ecosystem will collect fees from bounty transactions to fund the platform and ensure a healthy economy.
  • What is ABL DNA?
    • ABL DNA will be the blockchain-backed professional profile, which represents skills, experience, human characteristics and future potential of users within the ecosystem.
      • Secure and token-enabled.
      • Augmented through network transactions and third-party tools.
  • Do users need a wallet to use the ABL ecosystem?

    We are going to partner with MetaMask so users will need to set up a MetaMask account to store their ABL tokens.

  • Who wrote the smart contracts for ABL?

    The BlockAble blockchain development team.

  • What real problems can the ABL ecosystem solve?
    • Talent & opportunity coordination
    • Talent retention
    • HR efficiency
    • Gig economy scaling
    • Remote working business models
    • Professional career development
  • Who is the ABL ecosystem for?
    • Initially, the ecosystem will be optimized for:
      • Computer & blockchain professionals
      • High-tech & blockchain business
    • Once the ecosystem reaches maturity, it will offer solutions for:
      • All professionals
      • All business & industry
      • HR services providers
      • HR solution providers
      • Career development service providers
      • Big data merchants & analytics service providers

    Disclaimer: the ABL ecosystem will be designed for innovation, evolution & experimentation and the nature of the ecosystem will change with its user-base and specific solutions representing the needs of token-holders.

  • How do people get on the ABL ecosystem?

    We are designing an immersive, web-based user experience that will guide professionals and enterprise through the onboarding process. We will leverage existing online profiles to accelerate profile creation.

  • Do I need ABL tokens to join the ABL ecosystem?

    No, but you will need ABL tokens to pay for some services, to make staked claims on behalf of other users, create job postings and leverage bounties.

  • What are ABL services?
    • ABL services are distributed applications (DApps) that will add functionality to the ecosystem. Once the ABL ecosystem reaches maturity, we will opening the services marketplace to third-party development. Developers will be rewarded with ABL tokens for creating services that add value to the ecosystem.
    • ABL Intelligence, the ecosystem’s core services, will be developed by BlockAble and is expected to include:
      • ReputationAI: will determine the value of different reputation links. In some cases, it may be able to estimate capabilities based on patterns of reputation links.
      • RetentionAI: will collect data and generates predictive models to reduce turnover, increase job satisfaction and facilitate moves within a company.
      • CareerMentoringAI: will leverage ABL DNA detail and the network’s sophisticated validation mechanism to build predictive tools to help professionals navigate their career.
      • Self Management Group: will bring more than 80 proprietary normative, non-ipsative performance and retention assessments to the ABL ecosystem.
  • What are the sources of ABL’s data?
    • Data relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and other technical topics were sourced from existing academic publications.
      • We have identified specific models that apply to incentives, natural language processing and recruitment behaviour.
      • We are researching ways to leverage these models for our blockchain-backed ecosystem.  
    • Data relating to existing recruitment patterns came from user interviews we conducted.
    • Data relating to psychometric or personality measures came from Self Management Group and other talent assessment partners. 
  • What are AI and ML and why are they important to the ABL ecosystem?
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solve problems involving large amounts of information by programmatically identifying patterns. As a layperson’s approximation, AI and ML substitute computer processing for experience and intuition.
    • AI and ML are important to the ABL ecosystem because they enable us to eliminate expensive, time-consuming and error-prone intuition-based matchmaking from the professional recruitment workflow.
    • AI and ML also enable more effective and scalable search tools that can be tuned to specific parameters and filter based on patterns autonomously “learned” through ecosystem behaviour.
  • What is the ABL ecosystem governance model?
    • Governance will evolve over time to ensure healthy initial growth and a smooth transition to a functional ecosystem. The ultimate goal is a decentralized governance model that empowers token owners to direct the ecosystem’s features and services.
      • Initial Development: ABL will act as architects and stewards of the ecosystem to ensure that ecosystem has the necessary infrastructure and token economics to attract users to the network.
      • Functional Platform: Once it can reliably function autonomously, governance of the ABL ecosystem will transition to token holders, who will guide the governance logic of the platform. BlockAble Inc. is going to be a user of the platform and we are planning to onboard other enterprises, as well as developers whose contributions will help define how the ecosystem coordinates talent placement.
  • What is Token Velocity?

    Token velocity is a measure of how frequently tokens are traded within an economy. Calculated as the total number of token transactions divided by the average value of the network over the time-frame of interest, token velocity dictates long-term, non-speculative value of a token, and strategies to control token velocity are important for a healthy, sustainable utility token marketplace.

  • What are Token Levers?

    Token levers are mechanisms used to adjust token velocity. We have designed ABL token levers that will maintain optimum growth of the ABL ecosystem.

    • Rewards will increase token velocity by encouraging people to use ABL tokens within the network, and will also encourage network growth and participation. High levels of internal transactions mean that people want the tokens and are using them rather than cashing them in.
    • Staking will reduce token velocity by encourage people to hold on to their tokens. We will adjust reward levels for the different types of staking to control the frequency of external transactions, and by offering different token staking options, we will nurture a stable, non-speculative network economy.