SENSE and ABL Announce Collaboration

Press Release

SENSE, the blockchain protocol for human knowledge, located in Santa Monica and Cayman Islands, today announced a collaboration with ABL an ecosystem Empowering Humans to Achieve their Full Professional Potential by solving existing hiring workflow problems with an open-source, decentralized blockchain-enabled platform that empowers and rewards career expanding behaviour, based in Kelowna BC, Toronto ON & Singapore.

Under the terms of the partnership, SENSE tokens will be earned by the users and ABL for the knowledge work users do by adding information such as job history, personality evaluations, and skill tests addition to ABL tokens. SENSE tokens can then be used to discover and access specific humans or their knowledge across the SENSE Network.

SENSE can also accelerate user growth for ABL by providing access to other awesome humans attributed on other apps and dApps integrated with SENSE.

SENSE incentivizes an alternate business model for the internet and social apps, one that empowers rather than exploits users, rewarding them for their time, attention and data. It also provides opportunities for humans to level up to knowledge work and greater purpose.

“What we call ‘work’ is getting smaller, global, digital, decentralized and generates a ton of data that SENSE converts back into opportunities for humans across applications in the SENSE Network. Partnering with ABL gets the awesome humans in their community discovered globally, empowering both ABL and their community of employers and professionals” said Ariel Jalali Founder and CSO of SENSE.

"A partnership with SENSE is brilliant. The future of work is a decentralized future that empowers the individual versus the mighty corporation. I’ve seen it over the last year within the community of global blockchain solution innovators. They all have abundance thinking and it’s producing new tech and business models that will transfer the balance of power and wealth from enterprise to the people. This is why we are partnered with SENSE, it is who they are that aligns with our beliefs and values and that is what is so powerful” said Erik Simins Co-Founder and CEO of