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ABL Inflation

Is built-in inflation good for a network?

One thing that isn’t talked about much are the beneficial and harmful side effects of having a fixed, adjustable, or inflationary token supply. By the time we launch our own network, with the ABL token, we want to have figured out all the side effects, and decide what sort of economy we want our token to have.

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A World Without Resumes

No Resume Needed

12 years of leading in the recruiting business has demonstrated to ABL CEO, Erik Simins, three things very clearly...

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Sarah Donaldson

As a Woman in Blockchain

Meet Sarah Donaldson, UX Lead and PM here at BlockAble Solutions and the ABL Ecosystem. In this article she provides her perspective on being a woman in the world of blockchain.

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Micah Joyner

Links in the Chain: Micah Joyner

Since the launch of ABL, we’ve seen an incredible surge in the hiring of new employees. It’s an exciting time, and with fast growth, it’s easy to forget the value of getting to know one another. This week, meet Micah Joyner.


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