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The HR Recruitment Problem

The existing professional talent ecosystem is flawed due to a lack of transparency, imbalances within the recruitment compensation model and a disconnect between enterprise, recruiters, and candidates. The result is an expensive and time-consuming effort to match jobs with talent... Often leading to an even more expensive mismatch between talent and job.

  • Companies and recruiters are overwhelmed by the number of resumes collected and the time required to effectively filter and validate the information.
  • Resumes are an outdated career artifact that lacks true representation of the candidate’s capabilities and potential.
  • The recruitment process has devolved into a race to get the right resume in front of hiring managers. As recruiters are compensated for being the first to submit the resume that results in a hire, this is often at the expense of ensuring proper fit.
  • The ABL Network provides a unique solution to these issues, enhancing the recruitment experience for both candidates and Hiring Managers.

Recruitment Ecosystem

ABL Solution

ABL Solves The Recruitment Problem

ABL is an ‘Ecosystem Empowering Humans to Achieve Their Full Professional Potential’.

ABL solves existing hiring workflow problems with an open-source, decentralized blockchain-enabled platform that empowers and rewards career expanding behaviour.

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  • Ensures complete transparency between candidates and HR Managers. 
  • Provides balanced compensation to all agents in the hiring process. 
  • Reduces the time and cost to filter qualified candidates for a position.

The result of using ABL is an efficient and cost-effective hiring process, improved job retention and increased job satisfaction.